The benefits of small lemons greatly fruit rich in vitamin Trish Fruit?


Lemon is a well-known, cheerful, world-class fruit and easily available at affordable prices. It is cultivated all year long. Apparently, it is a small fruit rich in vitamins, (Vitamin C) is a rich treasure. Lack of vitamin C (vitamin C) can cause gum bleeding, nausea, and debilitating diseases such as bone cancer. Therefore, physicians treat vitamins in this condition. C tablets are given. But using lemons can help prevent these pills. Vitamin C deficiency can protect against many diseases. It is year-round and yields, but its season is rainy, and like other fruits, this little fruit fulfills its seasonal requirements. According to the first season, the quality of the viticulture also provides relief. Thus lemon-infectious diseases such as abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, itching and heat are among the benefits of mucus. In the rainy season, soaking of lemons is very useful. When done, squeeze the lemon over the onions for both meals and add salt. Lemons belong to the Trish Fruit (Trish family). Besides lemons in this family, Sangruta, Malta, canoe, sweet and grapefruit are available, but lemons are the most beneficial and rich in nutrients in this family. Nature has infused lemons with many nutrients. Fifty percent of the water is rich in fat and starch. In addition, vitamin A (vitamin A) is in small quantities and vitamin C (vitamin C) is in abundance. There are 32 nutrients in each of the six lemons. According to the chemical analysis of lemons, it contains no alcohol, 30 mg, calcium 20 grams, phosphorus 14 mg and citric acid as in lemons. The ancient apes made some scrumptious delicacies of its delicacies, which are used as a delicious, refreshing, and delicious fruit. But lemons are a deliciously healthy fruit as well as a useful medicinal diet, and a cure for the disease, whose treatment of the allopathy system of medicine fails. The little golden fruit of lemons not only has healing effects Wealthy, but also unable to respond to health problems. The most effective weapon against disease is force immunity. The use of lemons strengthens the moment and also plays an important role in producing red blood cells. Nowadays there are complaints of rash on the face of young boys and girls. These nails affect the beauty of the face and distort the appearance of the face. It causes a feeling of psychological incapacity in the youth. The cause is usually bleeding. The young generation uses creams to relieve them and for the appearance of skin, but they do not know how the power has healed this little golden fruit to create color, Is . The use of lemons cleanses the skin, cleanses the blood, eliminates blemishes, stains and stains. Apart from being pure blood, Lemon is a killer germ, its use eliminates acidic substances. Lemonade is a very effective treatment of diseases and is therefore useful in malaria fever. Lemon juice mixed with roses on the face cleanses the scalp, massage of the lemon produces a discoloration in the skin of the face. It is useful to mix lemon juice in water. New mothers are encouraged to suck lemons. Medical Uses of Lemons For facial scars, apply soap on two pieces of lemon to the face and wash your mouth with warm water, work with sensitive skin. It is better for them to use lemon juice in equal amounts of glycerin and rosemary. It is useful to apply a dry and aromatic spice to the roots of the hair in a layer of long black and shiny hair. Obesity is the push of slimming centers nowadays to curb obesity. Propagandists are bashing people through big advertising in the name of obesity, but few know that limes are the cure for obesity. In Egypt, young girls are usually prickly and have a delicate vaginal body, which is the reason for their use of lemons. In the morning, in order to remove obesity and be smart, use half a cup of lemon juice in a glass of warm water. Useful to do – Although the lemons should be lightly rubbed before use, it is useful to rub the lemon peels onto the facial scars. It is a debilitating disease and rarely goes away. The pollution of psychological deterioration has greatly increased the disease. People treat it as ineffective. Such gentlemen, in the morning, squeeze in a glass of lemon and water. It will be beneficial. Uses of lemons Common use of lemons is to squeeze onions with food, anemia, increase appetite, heartburn, acute heartburn, corrupt blood disorders, nails, scars, scars, rashes, gums. Benefits of swelling, bleeding, indigestion, nausea. Side Effects Of Lemons Everything is moderately suitable, so the use of lemons should be kept in moderation. The sharp palates of lemons are harmful to the teeth, excessive use of lemons can cause muscle aches. Skanjiban Lemon Lemon is used in the rainy season by making skunks that contain seasonal acids, gastrointestinal reflux and saline.

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