Samsung Galaxy S11 Secrets Exposed Chip Gains AMD GPU LPDDR5


hey what’s up guys it’s time to expose the secrets regarding the flagship beyond the 10th anniversary the Samsung Galaxy S 11 we’ve got a lot of info and leaks and surprisingly most of it is actually directly from Samsung so if you’re waiting for the Galaxy S 11 it’s time to dive deep and let’s get right into it so with the Galaxy S 11 Samsung will be upgrading everything from design to the display technology to the GPU to the camera everything is coming new first up is the lp ddr5 X Ram now this is fairly new Samsung has officially started mass-producing the industry’s first LP ddr5 Ram this Ram maximizes the potential of 5g and anti features in future flag shaves it’s also said to be 30% efficient and about 1.3 percent faster than the current Ram standard this without a doubt will go inside of the galaxy s 11 as well as a lot of other Android phones next year the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip will have support for ddr5 Ram so will the upcoming Exodus and carryin chipsets Samsung will be focusing on massive internal gains they are all set to introduce five nanometer process node in their consumer devices by 2020 with five nanometer process node Samsung will be able to pack more transistors per unit area this will make the next Exynos chip considerably faster and power efficient however it is believed that five millimeter chip will most likely go inside of the galaxy note 11 where as Samson could use six nanometer for s11 which is still an improvement over the galaxy s 10 but they could also go with five nanometer all the ways especially now with Apple expect you to bring five nanometer chip in 2020 as well so Samsung won’t let that happen they can’t let huawei win at things but not Apple definitely not Apple so expect a five nanometer shape Exynos beast next year speaking of Exynos processor Samsung will be bringing some major improvements to GPU as well they’re actually partnering with AMD to utilize the Radeon graphics technology in their mobile chipsets it is very likely that we’ll see an AMD mobile GPU for the first time inside smart phone and that phone will be Galaxy S 11 Samsung needs a big graphics updated they use the mellow GPU which Huawei also uses and it doesn’t give Samsung’s Exynos processor and edge over the competition especially now with Apple bringing some major GPU gains with Apple in 13 this year Samsung has to catch up and they need AMD but all of this Samsung will also be applying is brand new and view chip that’s officially been reported and is coming with improved algorithm it is efficient and about eight times faster than the current and be cheap that we have along with the exodus variant the Galaxy S 11 will also come with the latest and greatest Snapdragon 865 welcome fabricates their chips from third-party sources mainly be SMC they’re also stepping up their game just like Samsung they’re going hard on five millimeter and even the research for three nanometer chip process has started according to the source the SMC will start its mass production of five millimeter chips in 2020 that means qualcomm snapdragon 865 could get a major upgrade and same goes for the apples a series processors as well both Exodus and Qualcomm 865 chips will come with built-in family support the improved x 55 modem is said to be smaller in size and more efficient compared to the X 50 modem because of a small size it’s going to be integrated inside the chip itself hence it’ll take less space so 5g galaxy 11 could probably get even more juice on top of all of this Samsung will be utilizing the new arm cortex cores the cortex a7 t7 processor design will have up to 20% improve performance gains over the last cortex a7 t6 chip there will also be 60% increase in machine learning performance so you’re getting gained some serious gains with the next generation of Samsung Galaxy S model Samsung will also be bringing the camera upgrade of the century since the Galaxy S 11 samsung has used the same camera sensor size which is 1.4 micron meter they have made improvements and I mean a lot of improvements to the sensor but the size is still the same with competitors like while we’re already stepping up their game Samsung is still stuck with that same old thing but finally Samsung is changing that with the Galaxy S 11 and they’re about to bring a much-needed larger sensor size to really improve the image not only that we could see a huge bump in the megapixel count as well yes next year will be the year of megapixel war according to Einstein worse there will be a phone next year with 100 megapixel camera and another phone with 10x optical zoom Samsung has already introduced its 64 maybe so either cell Bryan GW one sensor according to Samsung it has a whopping HDR range of hundred decibels they my sample out of this sensor looks really really sharp it takes a lot of size but it’s gonna produce some really good detail this sensor is already coming to some mid-range phones so we can expect something similar or even better with Samsung Galaxy S 11 and something that Huawei has already done twice which is the killer zoom setup samsung has two and I mean has to bring the zoom camera on the S 11 which they have prepared already it is smaller in size compared to the competition but they decided not to use it with the note 10 so they are pretty much reserving all the good stuff with the S 11 the five times optical zoom along with the bigger sensor size and more megapixel equals is serious mega camera upgrade now if you look at the boss pattern when samsung brings some major changes with a generation the generation after that usually have some meaningful internal gains improved cameras but the design remains the same but this time samsung will be bringing design changes as well out comes the full screen 2.0 design this is another thing that Samsung scrapped this year and then led Huawei win the May 30 bro will be the first phone to have this design and after that we’re gonna see vivo next three but Samsung will almost certainly utilize this design on the S 11 so expect it to be super curved like extremely curved for maximum screen do body ratio as for the whole we could see it in the middle of the display it could get even smaller than the one on the note 10 and for those who don’t like curved screen phones don’t worry you will see a flat screen Galaxy S 11 eversion which will be smaller in size and of course cheaper so Samsung will still be bringing three flagship phones 2020 now Samsung has scrapped one more thing this year which is a really killer feature that one plus seven pro has and that is 90 Hertz refresh rate this needs to happen especially now with Apple looking to bring 120 Hertz refresh rate to their iPhone in 2020 this was an active conversation within Samsung but they decide not to use it Samsung has probably learned their lesson and they will be using higher refresh rate do ninety Hertz or maybe even 120 Hertz if we’re lucky to truly rival the next year’s iPhone model and let’s not forget the shocking design change that Samsung was about to make with the note 10 according to ice universe and multiple sources Samsung was indeed making a buttonless Galaxy Note $10 crafted because of some issues Samsung was replacing the physical keys with touch and gesture based input they were working closely with a company named NDT it’s a Chinese manufacturer of pressure sensitive Forster sensors similar to the 3d touch on the iPhone it was supposed to replace the physical keys with the lack of physical keys the Galaxy Note end up and dust resistance but again samsung decided not to do it and this could actually happen with the S 11 especially now with the fullscreen 2.0 design where we have extended curved science Samsung could actually remove the physical keys and add 3d touch controls again this is going to be experiment and if successful we could see the first keyless Galaxy S flagship phone now with all the changes software has to be upgraded as well so one UI 2.0 is coming with Android Q we’re gonna see it on the note 10 but by the time the Galaxy S 11 comes we’re gonna see one UI 2.1 based on android q right out of the box quite honestly we don’t know any of the feature yet so do expect some surprises there and last but not least we could see some faster charging gains Samsung has created power delivery controllers based on USB type-c that can deliver up to hundred watts of fast charging compared to the forty five hours of fast charging which currently the Galaxy Note tennis aport according to the stats this can charge a 4000 mAh battery from zero to 100% in about 17 Xiaomi also announced their hundred watts of fast charging setup so next year we could see a hundred watts fast charging phone from either Samsung or Xiaomi in my honest opinion Samsung might not bring hundred watts of fast charging with Galaxy S 11 but they could improve the fast charging speeds even further to 55 watts which is something Huawei has already introduced with meit X or even going to 60 VARs or 65 watts of fast charging just improving little bit till we reach this hundred watts of fast charging speeds and that’s about it that is all that we know regarding the galaxy xi as of now the next year B is truly coming we get so many changes along with some meaningful design changes such as the higher refresh rate but let me know your thoughts in the comment section below out of all the stuff that we talked about which is the most favorite one as all of this look exciting to you are you going to wait for ds-11 and skip whatever Samsung puts out this year let me know and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out

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