Samsung Galaxy Note Fe (Note 7) is officially 2019 for 249$? Let find out


what’s up guys within the killer flagship phone from Samsung is back the Samsung Galaxy Note metal is formally the oldest Samsung phone to induce one UI update it’s just about just like the Galaxy S 10

and all the nice options are here and it’s terribly shocking that this 2016 phone that originally came out with mechanical man candy update has the official mechanical man nine.0 Pi with full fledge one UI then guess you don’t bear in mind the Samsung Galaxy Note seven was the simplest of its time once it came out it absolutely was instantly ahead lots of individuals thought that’s visiting be the best phone of the year however sadly something really tragic began to happen and Samsung had to recall the Galaxy Note 7 and once a pair of months Samsung brought this phone back within the style of the note metal it only came back in restricted numbers and originally costed around $900 something but today I’ve seen it as low cost as 200 and fifty bucks that is so a really cheap worth but is it worthwhile I mean is that the Galaxy Note Fe worth it compared to the age of business phones that we presently sleep in so coming to the Galaxy Note II Fe created me notice however lovely this phone was when it first came out I mean sure for 2019 standing you actually see this phone as a obsolete style but wanting back at it I can definitely say from a design stand this was the best edge phone an organization can ever create it’s not only the best Samsung phone with bezels but it’s also the best overall phone that was ever free to plug with this recent design language and swing its sign by sign to the Galaxy S ten and you’ll see such a lot have modified this was Samsung’s temperature like everything was so excellent with the note Fe it’s got a stunning super premium design the show itself is the better of the best it was the foremost correct OLED display of that point and still it’s really sharp compared to the 2019 Galaxy S 10 plus like I aforementioned this bought Samsung’s comfort zone but nothing grows in the comfort zone Samsung had to interrupt through and keep innovating so as to achieve the amount of time that they need achieved without delay but except for the looks there are some things that the Galaxy Note Fe just will higher for instance the nice old fingerprint scan that forever works like always always always you only press the key and it just unlocks compared to the present} the s10 plus sound scanner is basically good but the consistency of it’s still not nearly as good as a physical thing data input device in fact this is often the primary generation will certainly gonna see more improvement as we move forward other than that you just get a touch bit more sturdiness thanks to the bezels and if you’re a gamer you’ve got extra space you rest your fingers as you play your game the most really wonderful is that Samsung updated this phone a minimum of one|to 1} UI again eight 2016 phone that originally came with candy got updated with the newest one UI software system which are some things that Samsung doesn’t do they only give 2 major updates but this may well be an indication that Samsung might actually modification its update schedule at least for the note family do 3 major updates and as way because the performance is anxious the Galaxy Note II Fe is maintaining astonishingly well now I’m gonna perform a fast speed test just to demonstrate what proportion a distinction there actually is between the 2016 hardware versus the 2019 hardware and also the Galaxy Note Fe comes with Exynos 88-90 tape together with four computer memory unit of RAM this is the identical chip that we see within the s7 family except for some reason they haven’t updated the galaxy s7 family to the one you I only the note Fe got the prospect to style the pie which again makes this phone the oldest do get this update so let’s see how it stacks up against the quickest phone from Samsung right now the s10 plus so I’m just gonna quickly boot them up and just to induce a general plan of the software boot up time with this older hardware and the newer software so let’s see galaxy stem plus obviously goes to be quicker and that we’re just here for the difference American state okay so this is this is pretty shocking the note Fe actually boots up faster in one UI compared to the Galaxy S 10 plus I didn’t expect that to happen Wow gap some applications starting with the fundamental phone dialer needless to say slightly faster on the s10 plus settings moving on to third-party applications starting with subway surfers and this is wherever you’re definitely gonna see your cash’s worth as a result of performance is so damn improved on the s10 plus you can see the large difference there asphalt nine another game and yet again you’ll see the s10 plus just blazing through the app and that’s again like I said the most space where your money is paid but still awing to work out a 2016 phone at least competitory with the phone of today’s alright you can see the s10 plus with great care damn Opie and out there game in some games you’ll definitely see a lot of difference in others you would like and you would possibly say that oh this is just few seconds of difference but believe me when you’re employing a phone it really does make a full lot difference in the long term so we’ve YouTube again galaxy s templo slightly quicker Instagram and definitely the s10 plus quicker with the latest feed you can still see that the items they are doing work pretty swish on each phones no drawback with scrolling whatever let’s try the Instagram camera about the same on both phones perhaps they understand what Fe slightly quicker and last we’ll be launching cameras at the same time that’s faster on the s10 plus again thereupon old hardware this phone is certainly keeping up just fine against affirmative 10 plus this is a top-tier $1000 product against a $250 phone that you can now get of course on the side but still runs the latest softer as the s10 plus let’s load some websites real quick and the sm+ done followed by the Galaxy Note Fe about do three second difference there if we scroll around definitely no problem next on the list is Apple calm and dandy s10 plus end the faster you definitely have a lot of improvement when it involves the browsing moreover and time for a quick RAM management test you can see phone dollars still there subway surfers that’s still there on both phones settings as fall 9 and breath phones are on the loading screen actually so I won’t count this as a refresh reddit still there pin out snapchat YouTube Instagram and we are back to the browsers so all the apps are literally still in the memory with the galaxy note Fe despite having just four gigabyte of RAM obviously I didn’t do my 8k image rendering test but all I can see is that this phone despite being old with the latest software is doing just fine now let’s speak about the camera the Galaxy Note Fe only has one single to Omega element shooter we have phones taking off with triple cameras and even four cameras on the rear having multiple cameras is now the quality but I gotta say the one camera only note if he’s still better than the current Samsung mid-range phone that also does outdo them in terms of photograph quality and the pictures are sharp have nice clarity and colours even next to the galaxy s 10 plus you can’t really tell a significant difference as far as the outside photos are concerned now you might be thinking that because it’s only single lens there’s no thanks to take portrait images and I’m here to inform you that you are you can actually take portrait images from front and back camera not only that you may take great overall footage in low light-weight due to the Google camera application now there is no official Google camera application for the Galaxy Note Fe but because it has the same chipset as the s7 family you can move and install the s7 Google camera version 8.2 on the note F II and it works cleanly if you would like the portrait mode to figure you’ve got to travel into settings then head to advanced settings and from here you wish to alter one choice and one option solely that is that the config camera hdr+ so set it to nexus six rather than element to two017 and once you are doing that restart your phone restart the camera app and just about everything can work portrait mode will work with no drawback in the least even with front camera moreover and there’s a ridiculous distinction in terms of self from the building camera horses the Google camera application same goes with the night photograph and what blows my mind is that it’s group action higher result than my Galaxy S ten and and also the iPhone 10’s soap this is often once more no joke guys this is taken on the note F V with a Google camera location you’ll see the result’s amazing that’s even adore the pixel of 3 stand out and simply overall the portrait pictures from the rear camera strictly based mostly off software system victimisation the most lens is manufacturing really sharp images I’m not an enormous fan of Samsung skin tones they forever look a touch washed bent on me so Google is certainly doing one thing better here you do have more clarity round the image overall for videos I still suggest using the inbuilt camera app you can record 4k videos at thirty frames per second really quick ridiculous optical device speed just amazing advanced you the Google camera application you can dig better portrait images which are literally better than live focus images that you just ordinarily get as a result of it will less softening and that i definitely definitely do recommend this I’m actually affected how well this Google camera works on this recenter no defi phone however there’s older exist chip now the s-pen that comes with the Galaxy Note metal is sort of nearly as good because the pen that you get with the note nine – the Bluetooth options so you get all the tools you need from making a straightforward note to the good select feature which permits you to pick a particular space on your screen and you can essentially take a screenshot or perhaps create a gif of that individual area the still has the main features just a bluetooth is missing now in terms of the battery life this is wherever you’re definitely visiting see an enormous improvement on this flashy phones and I’m actually obtaining four hours of screen on time it’s an honest battery time you must be able to survive the day but don’t expect an excessive amount of out of it still four hours of screen on time on a old 2016 phone as is pretty good in my opinion but yea the flashy felon of 2016 continues to be an incredible phone in 2019 and a $250 worth i believe this phone is doing crazy good once it involves features and I’m not voice communication that you should move and pass away I mean if you’re on it tight budget may} actually air your lid if you pay further more like over $300 you should be able to get a Galaxy s8 but the purpose of this video is to point out you guys that this is so the simplest phone of the older style era is still able to check most of the marks and faxed you the new one UI official update things are wanting really dedicated again if you are that tight on budget if you want a Samsung film that runs one UI and incorporates a really good camera then this might actually be a decent deal for you if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to convey it a thumbs up i actually had a good time creating these videos you recognize taking a glance back at a number of the og phones so this is one among them be sure to subscribe the channel if you’re new here and I’ll catch you guys within the next one peace out

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