Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs OnePlus 7 Pro Speed Test multitasking


hey what’s up guys in a semi do a speed test comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note and plus and the one plus seven bro you guys have been requesting this a lot one plus seven pro as you guys know is one of the fastest phones so it’s gonna be fun to see how the no 10 plus

we’ll handle this B so let’s get right into it so as always I’ll kick things off with a boot up comparison three two one go and I think you guys already know what’s up we have this never again 855 on the oneplus 7 pro soon the 70 will come with this maverick and 855 plus chip the no 10 plus I have is with the Exynos nine eight two five seven any meter chip so let’s see which one boots a faster okay note then Plus done followed by the one plus some pro about a one second difference there those ones are looking really fresh after this boot up you can see incredibly beautiful display as beautiful beautiful phones obviously here we have 90s refresh rate which you cannot see through camera but it really makes a lot of difference and of course no hole whatsoever towards the top but I really do like the note dent plus as well I just wish it had the ninety Hertz but anyways we’re gonna do a quick demonstration of the fingerprint scanner speed so so the oneplus someone put a little bit quick let’s try that one more time yes one bo7 pro is just slightly quicker than the galaxy note dent in with the note n plus is that you don’t have to wake the phone up or wait for it to light up you can basically put your finger and it unlocks because it is 3d but it doesn’t matter speed wise one person pro is a little bit quick but it has to be illuminated a very small difference there indeed so as you can see both phones are completely set up let’s start off with the basic stuff first so starting with phone dialer and I think that was a draw again you guys are the judge here super fast animations on both phone going with the settings and that’s about the same on both phones moving on to some third-party actions starting with subway surfers one of my favorite games to play on Android and okay Galaxy Note dentists done super fast feed they’re normally 1 plus 7 Pro just blazes through that but you can see the Exynos optimization is there moving on to the next application which is YouTube and that is that might actually be slightly quicker on the 1 plus 7 Pro again you guys are the judge here very good speed with the scrolling Spotify and note 10 plus quicker read it and that’s a little bit quicker I guess only one plus 7 Pro based on the content again like I said you guys are judged here these films are super quick yes 1 by 7 Pro is loading the content bit faster they’re compared to the note 10 plus when it comes to scrolling 1 plus 7 Pro just buttery smooth I mean this is really quick as well but the buttery feeling is only there man we have 90 hurts of refresh rate and that’s something the note 10 plus doesn’t have any way it’s going to asphalt 9 one of my favorite top high-end game to play on phones okay so Galaxy Note 10 plus the latest slower there 1×7 pro blazes through the loading times X we have Korra and that is definitely quicker on the 1 plus 7 Pro Twitter and that was a draw pin out and that was Libba quicker on the oneplus I mean the node n plus sorry the naming can be a bit confusing moving on to smash hit and that’s also slightly quicker just a hairline quicker on the note 10 plus snapchat that’s about the same I’m really happy to see that the app opening speed of the note 10 plus is on par with the 1 plus 7 pro normally Samsung phones normally have some prolong animations but this is doing really fine here next we got PSX press and that is lil bit quicker on the note 10 plus as always when I load up 8k and you can see no dimples again lib it quicker but let’s apply some effects wiper and see all the way to the max and setting the clarity to 100% time to render this 8k image in 100% quality here we go and let’s see the 1 + 7 Pro slightly quicker there with rendering this image that’s pretty interesting because exness is always lib is slower than Qualcomm and Apple when it comes to you know anything rendering stuff so and don’t forget one banana also got ufs 3.0 so it’s gonna be equally faster there now let’s get down to Instagram on both phones and you can see that is about the same maybe a tiny bit quicker on the note and plus again you guys are the judge here going to the front camera that is okay let’s try that out one more time okay even with a moving camera how is it faster on the 1 + on pro it doesn’t make sense it is slightly quicker on the 1 + and Pro let’s try it one more time yes indeed it is quicker on the 1 + 7 Pro Wow he went with the moving camera that is incredible checking out my profile that’s slightly quicker on the note n + loading up this image same result and last but not the least we have camera on both phones and that is quicker on the note 10 + now moving on to the browser bar we have Apple calm the first website and as you can see that finished off about the same on both phones next up is and that is slightly quicker on the note 10 + if I’m not wrong again both phones are incredibly quick they’re the time for the juicy part which is the RAM management and see which one is having the upper hand going to the phone dialer still there settings subway surfers okay so it actually got refresh only one plus seven Pro damn I did not expect that YouTube refreshed on the one plus seven Pro Spotify reddit asked for nine okay that got refreshed on both of these two devices but we’re just gonna see which one loads that up quicker after loading them once that we did before so okay no ten plus is quicker this time whereas the 1 / 7 / still taking some time here and now it’s done as well Korra Twitter pin out smash hit snapchat Photoshop Express okay that got refresh as well damn Instagram still there and last but not least were back to the browsers wow guys that was a very interesting speed test I thought that 1 + 7 Pro was still edged out the Galaxy Note dentists and has made some improvement the animation speed and everything it was toe-to-toe with the 1 + 10 Pro and better when it comes to booting up and when it comes to the RAM managed band just edging out of little bit almost Emperor again very very awesome phone considering its price and everything the 90 Hertz display it’s really really good so thank you so much for watching this speed test video hope you guys have enjoyed it subscribe to the channel if you’re new here for daily tech videos and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out

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