Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Official Press look is here IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL


hey guys and it is official time the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is right around the corner August the 7th is the official date of the announcement we’ve got a brand new teaser from Samsung and some other leaks but before we talk about any of that

let’s take a look at the official renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note in the official renders are fully leaked revealing the beautiful design the beauty is indeed here we’ve got so many beautiful colors so there’s one in all black which looks very very sexy indeed there’s a slight camera bump as well the design follows all the leaks and rumors that we already know so nothing new there but I have to point out that this looks absolutely stunning I don’t know what made 30 bro will look like but I have to say that this thing is beautiful there’s also in one silver color which has a blue S Pen and then there is that Huawei inspired gradient color which looks pretty good I hope there are more gradient color versions but seems like these might be the options that we have in the start of Galaxy Note 10 launch now this is the Galaxy Note 10.1 te e II but I guess it’s just gonna be called as Galaxy Note then this smaller version it has triple cameras of the s10 plus the only thing missing here is the diamond flight sensor which we’re gonna see on the Galaxy Note 10.1 and back cameras of the galaxy note n plus will have diamond flight sensor for them awesome portrait camera photos along with that will have a bigger battery in the note 10 plus of course bigger size as well we’ll see 25 are so fast charging on both models but the one coming with 5g might have 45 watts of fast charging which is one of the highest on the market so Samsung will bring its proper a game when it comes to fast charging with the note 10 plus 5 G version also there’s been a lot of rumors going on about s-pen and why Samsung should remove it I suniverse said that because of the s-pen the Galaxy Note then is going through some heavy sacrifices the note then has 800 million power less battery sighs the design could have been more bezel-less and they could have used more aggressive cameras but because of spen was just not enough space well that’s a lot of sacrifices for having a stylist I mean the s-pen is the beauty of the galaxy note line app it’s been here since the star from the first generation I mean no other phone in the market offers a built-in stylus I’m sure a lot of people do use it and even some of the people that I know that are very invested in the galaxy note line AB the only upgrade to the note line now personally if you ask me I think it’s nice to have the s-pen but to me it’s not that important so if I have a choice I would say improve the design improve the camera improve the battery life but still offer the s-pen separately let me know your thoughts on this based on all the advancements and improvements Samsung has made on the s-pen I highly doubt that they’re gonna kill it it’s been an active part of conversation within Samsung to merge the S EndNote lineup in the future but the note series has just been do legendary and especially now with Huawei releasing do flag ships in one year I highly doubt that Samsung will ever merge as a node lineup they need new flag shapes in order to compete with Huawei according to Samsung senior vice president the S Pen will have much improved performance over the previous generation he also said that they’re gonna apply a lot of aggressive next-level features to the galaxy a lineup and many mentioned about 5g and how Samsung will be the king of fair sampling plans to make a lot of 5g phones in the coming years do lead the 5t smartphone market the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Jack but something interesting could replace it we have a new image League of the AKG branded wireless earbuds according to the leak coming from Samsung smartthings app the AKG made wireless headphones are coming most likely to be announced alongside the note 10 family the exciting part here is that Samsung could be the first company to offer these AKG wireless buds within the box asked to justify the death of headphone jack I mean if Samsung does that I think it’s going to be the most amazing thing again fingers crossed nothing is confirmed the galaxy ad that I just unbox yesterday also has no headphone jacket comes with it I’ve see headphone and there’s no dongle or anything out of the box so you cannot use your old headphones you only get dive see Samsung headphones out the box to use with it but with the Galaxy Note and Samsung might be generous enough to include AKG Wireless birds inside the box again we’ll see what’s gonna happen when the stage is officially set on August the 7th let me know your thoughts on the official Galaxy Note tenders and what do you think about the state of s-pen should Samsung keep it moving forward or do you think that it’s becoming extra at this point and Samsung should drop it let me know your thoughts and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out

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