Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus. Top 10 New OFFICIAL features


what’s up guys and welcome to the official Galaxy Note 10 day we’ve got a lot of new things so it’s time to take a look at the top 10 new official features with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 new design starting off both the no 10 and no 10 plus are completely redesigned both variant sports and infinity or display at the front with a single centered punch hole camera according to Sam saying this is an immersive nearly bezel as cinematic display it honestly looks super stunning you’re also getting a change with the back look as well so now you have cameras in vertical orientation for the first time on the galaxy note models because previously we only have seen cameras in horizontal orientation so that’s a quick change now note family has always been known to be a complete package but this time Samsung has dropped the headphone jack from both variants which is indeed a sad news but don’t worry you do get dongle out of the box to use your all headphones catch the new punch hole implementation the no 10 plus does have a class-leading 92.5 percent screen to by ratio which is a huge upgrade over the note 9s 83.4% there’s design as allowed Samsung do pack is six point seven five inch display for the note 10 plus while keeping the phone’s footprint somewhat the same as the note 9 along with the headphone jack Samsung has also dropped the big speak II which is a much-needed welcome change you now have the option to use the power button as the big speak II but it is completely up to the user you’re not forced to use the Bigsby anymore so definitely a good change in the right direction next on the list is 45 watts of fast charging the Galaxy Note in family is rocking one of the highest fast charging speeds highest on Samsung ever and that is 45 volts according to Samsung just minutes of charging will give you hours of power and you can go zero to full 100% in about 60 minutes now by default you’re gonna get 25 watts of fast charge they’re out of the box so if you want to go to 45 hours you do have to purchase the 45 watt charger separately next on the list is air gesture galaxy note and family Samsung has improved the S Pen even further by introducing something called air gesture which will allow you to navigate your phone using the S Pen without even touching the display which is almost like magic in addition to that you can use your S Pen as a remote shutter button for your photos only that you can even switch between wide-angle or ultra wide-angle mode using the S Pen next up we have precision sound recording the Samsung phones in the past always had a pretty decent mic performance but this time Samsung is taking that to the next level thanks to the new audio zoom to the note 10 family you have three audio zoom mics which are gonna capture crisp audio with very less background noise thanks to the three mic the phone will capture sound within the field of view where you’re recording the video and as you zoom the range of sound gets refocuses so you’re definitely getting a big upgrade when it comes to the mic quality and I think is a much needed feature at number five we have the biggest battery in the game the Galaxy Note n plus is coming with a 4300 million per cell and that is the biggest battery size on any current flagship right now according to Samson you can get more than one day of better usage without any problem is also using a new intelligent battery algorithm to improve the battery life even further moving up the ladder we have some brand new camera features now the note 10 family is using the same camera hardware as the s10 family especially the Galaxy Note 10 but with the note and plus you have the additional DOF sensor to capture depth information and thanks to that Samsung has added a new live focus video mode feature so that allows you to take videos with background blurred in real-time which is pretty good thanks to some AI improvement with smart iso samsung has further improved the low-light capabilities of the galaxy note dense camera next on the list we have the brand new chip the Exynos nine eight to five this is Samsung’s first seven nanometer Exynos flagship shares the world’s first processor to use the UV 7 nanometre process as far as its performance gain this is gonna be very similar to exodus 92 zero but the efficiency of this has definitely increased so you’re gonna get better battery performance thanks to the new seven nanometer Exynos 92 five and as for the US models you’re still gonna get this never again 855 chip moving on we have diversity with the galaxy note and family Samsung has introduced for the first time it cheaper variant of their node flag shapes is starting at 9 $49 with 256 gigabyte of internal storage as the base model it’s actually not rocking the microSD card slot for story expansion for some reason but you are still getting 256 gigabyte of internal storage which I think it’s gonna be more than enough you also get 45 hours of fast charging the new camera algorithm the new processor and the new immersive design so if you want to save some money the note 10 can be a good option to go with going further we have IP 69 rating the galaxy note and family are the world’s first you have IP 69 water and dust resistance so they are pretty much almost dust proof and a lot more water resistant compared to the IP 68 version so they are now able to withstand high temperature as well as high water pressure so if you’re getting a galaxy note and phone you don’t have to worry about water at all and last but not the least we have beautiful colors the galaxy note and family samsung has introduced wide range of colors at the launch for the first time so in addition to the black silver and blue color you also get aura green or a white pink and red color so a lot of colors to choose from which I think it’s a really good step normally Samsung released these amazing colors in China only but this time they are bringing it worldwide so that’s all for the new feature list for the galaxy note and family let me know your thoughts and what is your favorite feature out of all these and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out

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