Samsung Galaxy A90 best chipset CONFIRMED Smartphone Design


this video is brought to you by Skill share hey guys and the power is confirmed as much as I’m excited about the Galaxy Note n series I’m also very excited for the galaxy in 90 samsung’s new cheapest 5g beast is coming and we just got its biggest confirmation but before we get into that last night the Galaxy Note dental records also got released to the public as well as some live images pretty much showing off everything we need to know so here’s the Galaxy Note 10 and no 10 plus signed by sign these are the flag shapes they’re Samson will announced on August the 7 six point three inch display on the Galaxy Note 10.1 five inch on the note 10 plus you also get an extra tof camera sensor on the back of the note 10 plus for good portrait camera pictures and of course bigger battery as well coming at 4500 mAh however we’re still not sure about the battery size of the note then it could be 4000 mAh but the Plus model is definitely coming with a 4500 mAh battery size so the visual renders don’t really show the bottom of the phone which is now reveals why a live image is coming from FCC and well folks the jack is dead so is the big speak key we got power and volume key towards the right and pretty much nothing on the left towards the bottom we’ve got a type C port microphone hole and the s-pen for the big speed you will now have ability to set the big speed key to the port but then if you want to as I’ve already shown on the Samsung Galaxy 80 it’s a much better implementation than to just have a big speed key on the phone so if you want to have this functionality you can turn it on it’s completely up to you or you can use Google assistant which is obviously built into Android 9.0 Pi all in all I’m really really happy with what we are getting right now I mean if you look back at the last two generation the change with the note and family is huge such minimal bezels amazing amazing advancement I mean Samsung is definitely moving in the right direction and looking back we could just see the proof of it now with the note that family samsung is planning to launch a brand new wireless charger that supports 20 watts of fast charging which is a pretty decent upgrade for wireless charging I mean it is about three to four times faster than Apple’s built-in cable charger I mean that is insane as for the cable charging the Galaxy Note and family will have support up to 45 watts of fast charging but that high level of charging might only be exclusive to the 5d version of the note 10 plus again we’ll see more information on that also the exciting news we have is that the Galaxy 90 is confirmed to have the best chip on an Android smartphone that’s right the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 benchmark league shows the crazy numbers and confirms that the model number a 9 0 8 which is the galaxy and 90 is having Sturbridge and 855 along with 6 gigs of ram this is the same model number that all leaks leaked a couple of days ago so it’s looking really good we also got some dimension leaks as well as the battery information the actual battery image confirms that a 90 will have 4500 mAh battery size similar to the Galaxy Note and Plus further details have emerged revealing that a 90 will use galaxy s7 DS display which is six point seven inch 1080p infinity you design of course it will also use Galaxy S Emily’s design and its housing so virtually it will be very hard to see the difference between the a 70 and a 90 however when it comes to cameras the a 90 will take camera setup of the galaxy a 80 so no crazy rotatory camera design for the NID Samsung is playing safe here and they want this particular flagship phone to be vile available so they’re not going with something crazy it’s gonna have the design and body of Galaxy s7 t along with galaxy a DS camera galaxy note dense processor along with note 10 plus battery size and 45 wars of fast charging I mean that is an insane package galaxy a 90 could be the true ultimate 5g flagship from Sam saying a true 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