Samsung Galaxy A80 Unboxing First look review FULL SCREEN DESIGN


hey guys I’m here in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi and I just got something crazy in the mail from Samsung Samsung’s first ever new Infinite business phone aka Galaxy aad is here and yeah I opened the box with a pencil

deal with it so the box looks really good showing off the crazy design up front and doors the back we got our main specification written it’s got that new infinity display which is almost bezel s almost rotatory camera madness which is the first we have seen in this kind of implementation and also we had the twenty five hours of super fast charging all right opening up the boss we got the phone up front looking all sexy wrapped in them protectors it’s gonna put this one on the side and let’s take a look at the box contents first so first up we have the mini box that contains the special galaxy ADK is specifically designed to work with the rotate three cameras there is a Quick Start Guide as well same ejector tool then you 25 art fast charger inside which is the same size as the older Chargers but it is of course faster than them and also there is the type C port on the charger then comes these Samsung headphones with type C yes because the Galaxy ad does not have the headphone jack there’s one of the first phone to drop the headphone jack similar to the Galaxy Note dance the Samsung is pretty much preparing you for the future then finally we’ve got the type C 2 type-c cable now there is no dongle out of the box so you can’t use your old headphones unless you buy the dongle from somewhere on the market anywho let’s take a look at this bad boy looking really shiny removing all the protectors and dime for the first boot up and while it’s booting up let’s admire the craftsmanship the crazy design of the galaxy 80 it is truly unique looking phone that is rockin the full 1ui onboard which is similar to the Galaxy S 10 family and it also has optical fingerprint scanner inside the display so not the 3d one as the galaxy’s tan family again I will be testing its speed really quick first I’m going to enroll my finger all right we are done with a setup and you can see the best part of the phone is actually the display here’s a 6 point 7 inch 1080p HD Super AMOLED panel really bright and colorful very very minimal bezels almost non-existent all thanks to the crazy rotatory pop-up camera design this has to be the best implementation do this design which allows you to use the rear cameras as your front camera so you get the same high-quality pictures as the rear cameras no loss of quality and the way it rotates oh man it is addicting I can play with this all day long it works great with Instagram and other third-party applications as well very quick to launch the built-in case from Samsung fits nicely on the phone with proper opening forgot the bar keys and the ride volume cues on the left and yes no big speaking with the depth of headphone jack Samsung also killed off the Bigsby key there’s something that I wanted them to do and they did it now you can use the power key as your big speak e if you go into settings and set it up but this is entirely up to you if you want to do it if you don’t want to do it you’re not forced to you can access this option right from the quick toggles area Samsung has also killed off big speed on the Galaxy Note 10 miles so we’re gonna see the stimulant implementation on the flagship note and family as well now under the hood we’ve got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 G chip here’s one of the first phones to have it and I gotta say this phone is pretty snappy with eight legs of ram it will have the best RAM management as for the benchmarks this phone is almost as powerful in numbers as the Snapdragon 845 oh no I mean yeah not quite but it smokes the Galaxy Note 8 out of the water so it’s right between a break in 835 and snapper again 845 again I’ll be doing a speed test so stay tuned for that the finger speed is okay I mean I’ve seen much faster optical image scanners on other phones so this should get improved why a software update now what about the cameras on these phones it’s coming with a triple camera setup on the back or I should say on the front I mean pretty much the same thing we’ve got it 48 megapixel main sensor along with eight megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a 3d DOF sensor for portrait mode the camera app is filled with a lot of features almost all the features that you get on the s10 family are here and some features which you don’t even find on the galaxy stuff family are here as well for example the video light focus which blurs the background as you record the video it works with both back and front camera thanks to the added DOF lens it’s got all the other things like the super slo-mo night mode etc as for the picture the result is pretty good you can dig super ultra wide-angle photos thanks to the 8 min.we so ultra wide-angle lens you can shoot 4k videos as well however in the 4k video mode you can now do wide-angle so to shoot wide-angle videos you have to select 1080p recording as for selfies the result is very impressive because of the same camera lenses you get proper ultra wide selfies as well you get so much area in the photo which is amazing now unfortunately the wide-angle front camera video does not work as of now so hopefully Samsung might add this with the software update but on the flip side you can shoot 4k front camera videos as well which is pretty good now for the battery side is coming with a 3700 mah cell which should be plenty enough for one day of usage however I will be performing a battery drain test so stay tuned for that all in all the galaxy 80 is looking really really good let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and what videos you guys want to see regarding this phone drop a comment and also subscribe to the channel if you’re new here and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out

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