Samsung explains why they ditched the headphone jack on Note 10


okay who uses their phone like this why is this guy isn’t using his fingers he’s literally holding the phone in his hand who are these people where are your parents what’s up guys the Galaxy Note and family is now officially here you guys have seen it all and it’s time to take a look at some post Galaxy Note end use some things that you need to know so with a note 10th family Samson killed the Jack yes for the first time on the flagship samsung phone we don’t have headphone jack and Samsung has now given us some explanation on why they did that while talking to the verse so according to the representative the removal of the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack has created more space for a larger battery he said with both note 10 and Norton Plus you have about hundred million for larger battery which is equal to about two to three percent of increase in battery size and apparently with one less hole in the phone it also helped with a better haptic motor system so the vibration will be better hopefully I mean I have yet to experience the phone in my hand but it’s so funny you know they can fit a band inside a phone but they can’t fit a headphone jack funny indeed but this is what their explanation is and for those who are thinking about the s11 of course Galaxy 11 won’t be having the s-pen so you might be thinking will we see the jacks returned and the answer to that question is no the step that has been taken is taken and that’s all there to say for now on the future flagships won’t be having the headphone jack and about the micro SD card slot it is not actually dead samsung is just making it a premium-grade feature so it’s only present on the higher note 10 plus model and I think that’s gonna happen with the Galaxy S 11 family as well with the cheaper variants you might not get the SD card slot for expansion which is not a problem because Samsung is giving you a base storage of 256 GB which is more than enough for most people so you won’t even need the SD card in the first place if you personally ask me I don’t remember the last time I had the need to use the micro SD card slot for story expansion because for me even the 128 GB storage is enough but with that being said the microSD card slot is still here to stay whereas the headphone jack is definitely dead also the 45 hours of charging is only exclusive to the note 10 plus model and no you don’t have to buy the 45 watt charger from Samsung to make it work any third-party charger will be required faster charging grade will be able to charge your phone with superfast charging speed all you guys have said that Samsung is slowly becoming Apple which is actually not true the pricing are matching the pricing of the iPhone Dennis family but Samsung is still far more generous you’re getting a lot more deals and you’re getting 256 GB of base storage which is amazing compared to that Apple still brings the disgraceful 64gb size I mean this year Apple needs to step up the game to at least 128 GB of pay storage and can I say something about the display oh my god it’s pretty it looks so bezel s in my opinion in my honest opinion it’s even better than the made 30 bro the maitre d Pro is set to rock a full screen 2.0 design but still comes with in Dodge I’m sure the NAS will have some 3d sensor or maybe a better speaker or something like that which is gonna be awesome but then again when we talk about the looks the note 10 is so much better the whole just looks better than a knotch with that being said the design will be the last thing to decide which of these smart phones will be the king of this year the camera the battery the software the performance all of that will matter more now for those who are using the galaxy note 9 the note 10 plus is the real upgrade here as the smaller note 10 model is an entirely new step in a new direction so most likely every year we’re gonna see a smaller slightly speck down as well as slightly cheaper model compared to the powerhouse which is a note phone and just like the 45 hours of charging the 5g is also exclusive to the note 10 plus so the no 10 + 5 g variant is there Samsung will not be making the 5 year end of the 6.3 inch Galaxy Note Dan and the reason for that is most likely the galaxy in 90 we’re just going to be Samsung’s next major smartphone this year coming with snap reckoning 55 the largest battery size on any Samsung phone this year 4500 mAh and most likely it’s gonna keep the headphone jack as well since its design is said to be based on the galaxy seventy phone so that phone still has a headphone jack with a 4500 ms cell so a ninety is going to be a really good phone so I’m excited for that that’s all the after news of the Galaxy Note an official announcement hope you guys have enjoyed this video let me know your thoughts regarding these Sam sings official response do the death of headphone jack and also I would really appreciate it if you subscribe to the channel for future videos I’ll be making a lot more content once I get this bad boy in the studio and as always I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out

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