OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Gaming


hey guys it’s time to try to to it all team it play test comparison between the 3 of the simplest we’ve the Samsung Galaxy S ten and up against the iPhone Dennis scoop up against the fresh free one plus seven bro of these phones

are the best from their several corporations with the best show however there are obvious distinction once it involves the planning of the display the Vaughn blossom professional is totally edge s we tend toll|also|additionally|further|furthermore|in addition|likewise|moreover|similarly|still|yet} because it has in ninetys invigorated rate compared to sixty on the iPhone and therefore the S one0 plus okay so here are the inner specification for a smartphone you’ll be {able to} see really powerful we have the Exynos 9 eight 2 zero chip inside the S 10 plus t snap President 855 beside a Teague’s of RAM on the oneplus seven bro and the Apple it’ll chip with four GB of RAM on the iPhone Dennis waterproof so initial we’re gonna kick things off with the classic GTA san andreas on all the dangerous points so this is often clearly one thing that I’ve tested out most back within the days and that i’m transfer it back on the most recent flagships from today’s era and begin the sport we go long times were definitely faster on the s10 plus and the iPhone obviously but we are more into the performance this game strikes a chord in my memory of that culture shit here we go back so it really is like that aw shit well here we go again with GTA san andreas alright so selecting things off with the iPhone Denis max sadly we cannot modification the graphical settings that are here on this phone so this is all we get whereas on robot version you can set the graphics from high to low I’m about to test the total limits on those but here it’s what developers have same it already it will look pretty sharp although I mean it’s in all probability running at high or something so you can see if I move round the camera looks pretty swish and let’s romp around and see some loading of all the info with none lag pardon my driving skills not that much of knowledgeable Elise on a smartphone constant frame rate no friends draw offs or something okay next I’m trying it out on the samsung galaxy s 10 plus the Exynos model so let me just bring the inclose and rivet a small amount gonna see bit more clarity okay therefore the s 10 plus obviously this is Exynos model again mal a docU they have a tendency to run this game specific back in the days I keep in mind I worked better on mellow GPUs compared to the Qualcomm one so it’s wanting nice on the s10 plus definitely we have a {bigger} display readying compared to the iPhone Dennis max as far because the performance worries looking really good no glitches any this is that the latest version of the appliance by the means so very similar performance as the iPhone 10s max now here are the settings for the S 10 plus I’ve set the resolution all the thanks to the max we have the visual effects on max as well this is at 1440p display so it’s definitely running things at a extremely high level shadows I’m gonna change it to advanced and automotive flexions to max as well let’s see the potential of the S 10 plus all right so when swing those things on the max I can definitely see the car is looking a bit bit more shiny you can say but to this point no lag whatsoever looks really good and if you’ve got that 10 plus I definitely suggest this game guys looking really very nice alright next we have one plus seven bro running GDS n indriyas here are the settings that I actually have max everything is maxed out just going back and let’s see however this can be running the show okay Wow damn guys that’s super smooth let’s grab this bike guys one bus I’m professional is running it sort of a champ and again if the display is at nine0 Hertz but if the application isn’t it’s not gonna upmarket things so remember that but still it’s looking really really good really smooth i’d say a little bit better than the s10 plus and the iPhone Denis max as a result of obviously there’s no NOS there is no hole it’s just a whole bezel s screen so very very seamless expertise i’d say good performance guys perfect [Music] guys I definitely liked it the best on the one blossom pro but let’s march on to where’s successive game that goes to be s fault 9 this game actually runs at 60 Hertz on the iPhone Denis max or 60 frames per second so things are going to be really really powerful there so far robot is merely bolted to thirty {fps|Federal professionaltective Service|FPS|independent agency} let’s see if there’s any improvement all right again kicking things off with the iPhone Denis scoop and this thing is running at 60 frames per second as we speak Wow guys this is playstation quality graphics not only it is super optimized specifically for Apple it will chip the 60 frames per second is additionally pretty constant as well you can see the results on the display damn guys this is really I’m really obtaining the PlayStation feels on the iPhone Denis max with the asphalt 9 obviously you can’t see 60 frames per second through the camera but really does create things a lot 3d you can say and damn I wish this this improvement will return to robot as well I mean we do have really capable phones now so unimaginable performance of s1 line for the iPhone Denis max alright next on the list is the galaxy s 10 plus so here we go things are definitely looking smooth but it is 30 frames per second so definitely not nearly as good as the iPhone Denis max that may pick the iPhone already s 10 plus for asphalt 9 any day I mean 60 frames per second it is looking incredible over there but still I mean it’s pleasurable you gotta say on the s10 plus you have in larger display still it substantially enjoyable and you may homework for the full design over the quality iPhone 10s max notch in order that’s that as well pretty nice performance alright trying it out on the oneplus seven pro this is obviously again uninterrupted experience due to being completely bezel s so all right I can already see 30 frames per second locked fps looking like the s10 plus perhaps slightly electric sander yea definitely a bit higher framerate compared to Western and but still no 60fps just like the iPhone so I still would like the iPhone for its 3d console quality performance for asphalt 9 after all iPhone definitely wins the asphalt 9 round moving on to the next game which is Riptide GP this is another one in every of my favorite games to play on smartphones and it does enable you to line settings across iOS and robot so we’ll be testing it out on completely high settings so again kicking things off with the iPhone setting the graphics to immoderate and 60 Hertz of course resolution all the way to the max things are looking really smooth so far 60 frames per second Wow that is gorgeous performance guys i like these water splash effects alright testing it out on the samsung galaxy s 10 plus I essentially visited the settings and check the full screen so now i used to be taking full area okay so this is definitely looking not as smooth as the iPhone definitely losing frame rate I’d say it is probably around thirty something when everything is occurring} then again it goes to essentially smooth as you can see so definitely not as consistent and smooth as the iPhone if you wish to play this game at the best frame rate then i’d recommend taking part in it on high settings this is smooth as well but it will draw framerate when there’s a lot of things happening on the scene all right so next we are attempting it out on the 1 plus 7 professional and against settings all the way to the max ultra with the very best resolution alright let’s see ok wow that is running at 60 frames per second despite not having the official choice and there’s also not losing any frame rate as I’m turning around so it definitely beats the galaxy s 10 plus it is really true that the flower is best than Exodus when it comes to gaming as you can see the proof the audrina GPUs are just stronger than the Malay ones inside Exodus models so the performance will certainly be better on the snap rig and Galaxy S 10 plus except for the exodus users this phone won’t be able to keep 60 frames per second in Riptide GP at max settings whereas one plus seven pro is doing an incredible job 1440p 60 frames per second max resolution everything is maxed out definitely beats out the iPhone on behalf of me because it’s this massive uninterrupted display so that was the Riptide GP and i’d say i believe the oneplus seventh bro and the iPhone kind of dies around I mean iPhone encompasses a really consistent 60 frames per second whereas oneplus has a larger uninterrupted display as well as 60 frames per second perform and if I have to settle on i believe i’ll definitely choose the oneplus one pro for Riptide GP moving on to the next game which is the bully game from Rockstar this is also one of my uncomparable favorite games and it just got optimised for the display of the iPhone 10 and the iPhone eleven family so I mean the iPhone Dennis family so I can see it is looking pretty attractiveness pretty smooth [Music] okay next I’m trying it out on the galaxy s 10 plus and definitely similar framerate has the iPhone 10s max just bigger display and no information obviously quite prep an entire lot with the notch so alright let’s just run around really good performance on the S 10 plus and one of the games that I definitely recommend you to play on this beautiful display really nice overall performance alright next taking a glance at the one plus seven bro they’re really stable look Buckeye State felt a lag there Buckeye State another lag but okay now it’s operating fine definitely want some optimization for the Qualcomm chip but nothing too major overall it is very stable looking visit the indoor and see the performance there so definitely when you’re inside there’s less going on and feels better than out of doors performance oh so few legs here and there still it’s overall a decent performance say guys that was the complete gaming table I have to mention if I have to select one phone out of those phones when it comes to just gaming i’d definitely go together with the 1 + 7 Pro because of it’s amazing bezel s displays looking incredible and it provides a lot more seamless uninterrupted experience compared to the s10 plus or the iPhone 10s max dada for Dennis max remains pretty good thanks to its optimization 60 frames per second with asphalt 9 if you guys have an interest in this game that definitely runs the best on this one Eston plus obviously it had to face some framedrops when it comes to Riptide GP obviously I would recommend it to play on high rather than ultra graphics if they are doing have the Qualcomm 855 version of the s10 plus it’s going to be equal in to the oneplus one pro as far as the beast gaming performance so yeah that’s all we have for this video offer this video a thumbs up if you’re new here subscribe the channel and I’ll catch you guys in the next one peace out Up next AUTOPLAY 12:56 10 year iPhone user switches to Galaxy S10 Plus! 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