OnePlus 7 Pro OFFICIAL Trailer is here For the first time Android 9.0 Pie


hey guys it’s time to try and do the official trailer breakdown of the one + seven bro affirmative what you’re wanting immediately is that the official trailer of the 1 + 7 bro it’s the flashing phone

that’s gonna get proclaimed in a very few hours I desire this can be now a convention with each major phone couple of hours before the particular event we tend to continuously have its official trailer taking off and commenced with the galaxy s nine + + 1 + is kind of following the identical pattern I talked regarding the active look in my previous video and this simply just about confirms every single detail together with the official colours this point we had the white blue and also the black color and that i need to say this really could be a super bedless phone as a result of the trailer just utterly shows this phone from all angles and one issue I forgot to say within the previous video is that this is so a HD art then show per display mate it’s a and rating so it’s gonna be nearly nearly as good because the display you see on the s10 + according to iso neighbors same thing is really behind this superb display i feel like the blue color is the best color out of all the 1 plus 7 professional choices because this one is really shiny it has this color shift – it’s really really expert you’ll be able to see the hooklike edge display along with the color-coordinated aspect with the blue model you have got blue sides and also you get that blue mute switch likewise that looks really really good in fact it’s gonna be rockin the newest version of automaton supported chemical element OS from the quickest and smoothest automaton skins out there now it’s a six.7 in. show however as a result of it’s super edge s it’s not gonna be that massive in real world due to all the lowest bezels we’ve you’ll be able to see the table just appearance fully crazy the standing bar and {also the} rounded corner I just love the highest of this phone the turbo camera setup is so here we tend to had the forty eight megapixel main sensing element together with 3x optical zoom and the radical fisheye lens that I’m happy to work out that there’s truly no 48 megapixel text on the camera lens as we have seen with the leaked one + seven professional active models therefore I’m pleased with the ultimate version everything is simply wanting super clean and all over again blue color is that the one that shine the foremost you can also see the speaker grille on the top aboard the house wherever your front camera will get up there’s gonna be a 16-megapixel rising camera we were time you’re gonna launch camera on every occasion you’re gonna take a selfie mistreatment Instagram or the other application that utilizes the camera this can pop this can be gonna be attention-grabbing to see however well it’s gonna go long run because this is the primary time major international phone maker adopts this mobile elements design and my opinion oneplus has nailed the planning and in fact with all of its sacrifices you have got to stay that in mind that it’s gonna don’t have any waterproof it may well be splash resistant but it’s not gonna be nearly as good as a galaxy s ten or the iPhone because of the moving bar so you have to use caution to not dip this phone in water of course there is no wireless charging on the 1 + 7 so that’s also one thing to keep in mind aside from that’s looking very really unbelievable let me understand your thoughts within the comment section below what you think that regarding it and that i will catch you guys in the next one peace out

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