OnePlus 7 Pro Official look Teaser & EVERYTHING. Best Display


what’s up guys that is all hair these phones are scheduled to announce on May 16 but oneplus is not settling they have been spilling the beans for their upcoming flagship phones on Instagram with new teasers and design sneak peeks and now we have the official camera samples as well for the first time no bells and whistles no bezel no not know a plaque no bloatware no $2,000 price tag no random music this is what going on in the newspaper from New York Times along with the design piece of the oneplus 7 pro as you can see the triple camera it is true that this phone won’t have any notch or any hole you’re just gonna see a beautiful OLED display with really minimal bezels along with the slimmest chin as well with edge display like it or not it’s gonna look amazing and it might actually end up being the best looking smartphone on the market right now as far as the firm look is concerned not just the looks this one has one killer feature that makes it stand out compared to the competition as confirmed already one plus seven bird display refresh rate will be 90 hers it’s going to be noticeably buttery smooth than is 60 her smartphone display according to max from Twitter the refresh rate of the oneplus mm Pro is not fixed do 90 Hertz it can change between 60 and 90 Hertz in order to conserve battery they’re calling this new 90 hair screen as fluid Emily a really nice name for the smooth display now a lot of people were concerned about the actual display quality so that doubt has officially been removed because quad HD AMOLED display of the oneplus 7 has actually been rated as a plus by display mate testing they performed a full lap test only one plus seven Pro display and it came out with a plus rating which is similar to the ranking of the galaxy s 10 plus that’s actually quite an achievement by 1 plus or is it turns out i suniverse revealed that one plus 7 pro is actually using a samsung made all that panels so still it’s Samsung doing the deed which is fine I mean they are the best when it comes to the display accuracy and quality and I’m glad that oneplus went with a samsung amoled display instead of LG because I just like Samsung’s display quality we take a look at the past 1 plus phones are always amazing with their software their speed their battery life pricing but cameras where their lack compared to the Google or Huawei and Samsung and even Apple so this year’s pro model is bringing some serious gains to the table 1 plus 7 Pro is confirmed to have 3x optical zoom along with a 48 megapixel main sensor that uses pixel binding to make a 12 megapixel photo along with this we also have the third lens which is confirmed to be a wide-angle lens now as far as the camera samples are concerned you can definitely see a lot of detail and color with this 3x zoom but it’s definitely not on par with the likes of Huawei b30 bro I still feel like the p30 bro is the king of the zoom and you can see in this chart we do have a little bit grain so but I gotta say the night images are looking pretty good thanks to their nightscape night mode still I feel like the p30 pro is going to be the absolute king but it could actually rival the google night side oneplus also made several changes to the HDR to make it more natural and they also improve the portrait images compared to the previous models in order to make everything look like a professional camera again we’ll see the actual result of the program mode when the phone is out according to the CEO the images will come out more sharp with more clarity and density compared to their previous phones overall the camera will be improved but don’t expect it to blow Samsung or Google’s pixel 3 camera out of the water I think those phones are still going to be the top phones with camera along with the p30 Pro in case you don’t know here are the specs for the pro and non Pro model and basically the non bro model is just a updated one plus 60 with snapdragon 855 which is gonna be around the same five hundred fifty dollar range prize for base model again the real thing here is the one plus seven bro with its 90 Hertz AMOLED display 4000 mAh battery quad HD resolution and triple camera setup all that could cost $6.99 dollars it will definitely be the most expensive one plus phone if you look at the market it is still nowhere near the price of its competitors bottom line is that it still is a pretty killer price for the specs that it’s offering.

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