iPhone 11 Pro Final leaks! Top 10 Upcoming features to get excited about


hey what’s up guys in his time we talked about the top 10 features of the iPhone 11 series I know there has been very less development for the lease regarding the iPhone 11 but it’s time to nail everything into one video and in case you guys don’t know Apple is officially unveiling the iPhone 11 family on September the 10th so this is the perfect time to talk about the top 10 upcoming features of the iPhone 11 family based on the leaks and rumors so let’s get right into it number one rare cameras this is perhaps the biggest upgrade to the iPhone 11 lineup that I’m personally looking forward to the upcoming iPhone 11 will featured three cameras instead of the regular two for the first time it’s gonna have a 120 degree wide angle camera along with the standard and deli photo camera something we have seen on so many Android phones already if Apple executes the camera properly we finally might have something that can rival the likes of May 30 Pro and the pixel for later down the year Apple is not just adding a third lens here according to many rumors the upcoming iPhone 11 will debuted with an all new image processor which could greatly affect the outcome of the photos Apple is known to do things delayed but many said that they do things right so I’m looking forward to that the flash is also getting a redesign it’s going to be the same size but brighter and better thanks to the new image processor the smart HDR is going to be reworked as well which was a crucial upgrade to the iPhone 10s camera which I’ve personally seen firsthand but now it’s gonna be revamp to the point where it’s going to be much much better than what we have seen before Apple is also planning to introduce a feature that will let users retouch and apply effects color grade and crop video in real time as it being recorded which is amazing next up is face ID according to Ming Chico all 2019 iPhone models will have a new flood illuminator which will reduce the impact of invisible line from the surrounding environment when using face ID this will allow potentially faster recognition and from wider angles even by laying flat on the table number three I was 13 with iOS 13 the iPhone 11 will feature a built-in system-wide dark mode more outward they will be built in video editing features riding the camera app apps like carplay Apple nor set cetera are completely reworked Iowa’s thirteen will also bring in audio share allowing users to stream audio to do pair of airports along with many other neat new features Siri is also getting a major audio update as well number for Apple 813 the upcoming Apple 13 chipset is expected to be built on DSM C’s 7 nanometre plus package with extreme ultraviolet lithography UV the a13 pointing device in emergencies can have some significant gains particularly in the multi-core performance and will bring some serious performance gains as well as some efficiency improvements along with a faster 813 processor the new iPhones are expected to include a new MX or Mattox core processor that will help handle argumented reality and AI along with the a13 chip Apple will be fixing the biggest complaint right now personally from my side is the less amount of RAM we have so this time Apple is excited to bring 6 GB of RAM with the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 number 5 bi-directional wireless charging the iPhone 11 will feature bi-directional wireless charging this means that it will be able to wirelessly charge other devices just like the galaxy s 10 and the mate 20 Pro once again something we have already seen on Android side but it’s a neat feature nonetheless you’ll essentially be able to charge any wirelessly charging capable device with your iPhone as it will work with a wireless charger itself he’s also include the airports and Apple wah number 6 new design while many people are criticizing the looks of the camera on the back of the upcoming iPhones Apple is redesigning the other looks as well the front will have it not just like the last year’s phones but this time the whole shell is made with a frosted glass Lowe rumors also suggest that the new iPhones are a bit thicker they’re gonna come with new exciting colors aside from the normal black silver and gold the iPhone 11 pro is rumored to come in a dark green shade whereas the 11 R will come in a new la vendor and some other green shade colors next up we have bigger battery according to min Chico the 2099 films will feature larger batteries that will offer longer battery life and support new capabilities such as reverse wireless charging he says that the battery capacity for the 6.5 inch iPhone 11 Pro could be increased by 10 to 15% while the battery capacity for the five-pointed each model could grow by 20 to 25 percent other experts predict 3500 mAh battery for the 11pro 3200 mAh for the iPhone 11 and 3000 mAh battery size for the iPhone 11 are on the other side we have much much bigger battery science upgrades this year with battery size coming up to forty three hundred mah with the note 10 plus and about 4500 mah upcoming with the maid 30 Pro so let’s see how well the iOS 13 optimisation will help the latest iPhone 11 Pro when it comes to the battery game again we’ll do over battery drain test to test that out at number eight we have one of my favorite the reworked front camera Apple will be ditching the current 7 missile front camera sensor and they’re gonna upgrade it to it well made with a sensor for the 2019 iPhones the camera sensor along with a new flood illuminator are set to feature specialized coatings which would make them blend in with the design because of the bump up in the megapixel size along with the improvement to the 3d flood illuminator you could definitely expect some better code rate front camera selfies along with that for the first time it could feature a slow-mo video recording at 120 frames per second number 9 display we work now just like last year the iPhone 11 pro and the iPhone 11 are expected to draw all that display is made by Samsung Samsung will be giving their top-of-the-line dynamic OLED displays to the iPhone 11 line up so the displays on the iPhones are going to be as good as the display is for the note 10 and the S 10 family but the poor iPhone 11 R will still come with a shitty LCD display and last but not least we have Apple pencil yes guys Apple the same company who was very against of a stylus is now expected to bring their stylus aka Apple pencil but not only the iPads but now with the iPhones as well so as per latest leaks Apple is expected to introduce Apple pencil mini for the iPhones along with this we’re gonna have a lot of software features and third-party apps port for that as well for those Apple fans who are looking at the Galaxy Note series for years for the stylus can now be happy because Apple might actually listen to you and bring the Apple pencil again Apple will reveal all the new stuff regarding the iPhone 11 family on September the dance which is just a couple of days away from now so let me know your thoughts in the comment section below regarding the iPhone 11 family if you personally asked me I’m really looking forward to the camera of the iPhone 11 because in my opinion that’s gonna be make-or-break for this year’s lineup again drop your thoughts in the comments and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out

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