Huawei Ark OS aka Hongmeng OS said to be faster than android


hey what’s up guys another day another epic news Huawei is back at it again they don’t care what happens with the US weather drum goes soft on them or hard on them it’s time to break free and time to make their own ship so as we have already heard so many times

that Huawei is working on its own Hong mang OS or Ark OS and is said to be the software that’s gonna replace the Android on future Huawei phones there’s a lot of confusion and rumors going on regarding whether it’s going to be better than Android or if this really even exists so thanks to the CEO himself we now have confirm inside on who always own operating system which is the Hong mango as it might be called as arc OS internationally or os but currently it is being referred as Hong Mango s so Ren Zhang fee the CEO of Huawei I’ve seen this firsthand in China what this guy means to them it he’s like a steve job of china pretty much so he has explained that the Hong Mango s is not just an operating system for smartphones it can be used on routers network switches tablets computers and even data centers it’s like a one big giant ecosystem kind of like Apple and further he said that it could be faster than Android about 60% faster than Android and even faster than Apple’s Mac OS because it has less than 5 milliseconds of processing delay he also talked about other issues such as 5g technology development china-us relations and some other politics but pretty much this is what this interview was the main thing out of it is that Hong mango s might actually be faster than Android or even Apple’s Mac OS Wow guys it seems like it’s really on Huawei will do it for sure whether they get banned or unbanned they are still working on their software version but right now it is not ready and most likely the next actually phone from Huawei the May 30 bro could run Android and when the time is right Huawei will release this our quest sometime next year Huawei is currently like a combination of Samsung and Apple they make their own chips and now they are making their own software and they also have so many phones getting released in one year and they do crazy camera upgrades and they have good battery like I am genuinely excited about what the software can do we finally have a new player in the game is coming let me know your thoughts about the Hong Mango s also Huawei is working on an in display camera phone something which is already showcased by Oppo and MWC jean-guy and we also know that vivo and Xiaomi are also working on this as well so Huawei patent files just came to the scene showing off the user interface and basically we have a camera cut out towards the left hand side and it not only can be hidden but it can also show various functions various commands on the screen for example when you’re calling it is showing the calling text and it also shows the time depending on the application you can see the function for it in the camera mode you can see we have the AI written towards the camera cut out is similar to what we have seen in the Samsung patents as well so pretty much utilizing the camera cut out hidden space the screen that will go transparent it can also be utilized for various functions so we have already seen it from Samsung and now seems like Huawei is working on a similar thing as well which is very exciting indeed because next year we’re definitely going to see a proper hidden front camera phone on the market it could be from Oppo it could also be from Huawei or it could be from Samsung because everyone is working on this behind the scenes and I’m really excited about the next big thing an offer that pretty much every phone will look like this like full bezel s it’s like the ultimate level I don’t know what next will be but right now this is the hurdle that we have to cover anyways let me know your thoughts in the comment section below regarding this awesome news and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out

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