Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL are one of the most exciting upcoming phones


the Google pixel 4 is one of the most anticipated upcoming smartphones of the year is said to be a huge upgrade over the previous models especially camera as many are expecting it to have a groundbreaking performance upgrade or still a month or two away from a sufficient announcement by Google they have already spilled some official beans at us so here are top 5 features of the upcoming Google pixel 4 number one new design with pixel for Google is revamping the design especially at the back to get ahead of train of leaks Google themselves confirm the back design of the pixel 4 as well as the front it features a square camera bomb on the back much like the upcoming iPhones indicating multiple cameras Google has also eliminated the classic two-tone back and the finger scanner is also dead that brings us to the front which is a whole new story both variants the pixel 4 will have a pretty big top bezel to accommodate a number of sensors including the project soli radar chip along with the front camera is definitely not gonna be the most beautiful smartphone of the year but it’s a lot better compared to the Google pixel 3 excels ugly bathtub not the forehead of pixel 4 family we’ll have motion gestures and for the pixel force confirmed that it will rock single front camera who will show it off in this image and what they didn’t show us is the pixel for excel that phone will have a bigger display and of course more room to have an extra camera sensors so we can expect a dual front camera system specific to the pixel for excel and speaking of cameras we have brand new update to the whole camera mechanism on the back the pixel 4 is looking like the next camera King in the smartphone business just like the Google pixel 3 which still takes the best out of camera smartphone photos on any smartphone right now it’s confirmed by multiple unofficial sources that it will have a dual plus 16 mega camera sensor on the back this is backed up by finding of folks or with the xda-developers who found out that the code within the Google camera app indicated that the second camera is indeed a telephoto lens along with this the main game-changer where Google always excels is the camera software Google will be implementing DSLR like features in the camera app of the pixel 4 which will dig its performance to the next level the selfie camera will be improved a lot as well thanks to the depth of field sensor and flood illuminators at the front google is definitely not wasting the space in that big table bezel as per latest leaks the pixel 4 is expected to have a 5.6 inch display and the pixel 4 XL is expected rock is 6.3 inch display the smaller model will get a full HD plus resolution with the pixel 4 and only the pixel for excel will get quad HD plus samsung goodness what’s exciting is that both of these two models or only the pixel for excel can get 90 Herz of refresh rate according to the report google will call it smooth display they’re also implementing some huge gesture to the Android 10 official software update so combined with 90 Hertz refresh rate this will make everything really really smooth number 4 projects oli since its beginning in 2015 project soli has improved a lot Google has improved it so much that they got approval by FCC to use high frequency solid radar chips which will be allowed in aircrafts Google is putting a similar kind of chip in the pixel 4 as well this will enable gesture controls like never seen before this feature is similar to the LG G 8 which offers a glimpse into a touchless phone future you’ll be able to skip songs snooze alarms silence phone calls and much more seamlessly by just hand gestures a solely radar chip coupled with a flood illuminator and a dot projector is going to work as a pretty sick face unlock system it will be so secured that Google will probably not get implementing display finger scanner you’ll also be able to confirm payments through this and all other stuff according to Google this face unlock system will be so fast that as you lift your phone it will be unlocked all in one motion this will work even if the phone is lying flat on the table or upside-down as I have used the 3d facial scanner of Apple’s iPhone I can definitely say that this form of security is as good as an in display finger scanner and actually worse 95 percent of the time so I really don’t mind with Google not putting the fingerprint scanner in the display this will do just fine and last but not least we’re gonna see next generation of Google assistant to show the demo at Google i/o 2019 the Google representative asked the assistant to do a number of things like replying to texts asking you to show images from a trip containing on the animals and some very specific tasks the assistant carried out everything all the functions quickly and seamlessly with next generation assistant google has also made improvements to the duplex feature which will now be able to do only in bookings for you as well without calling Google is also introducing assistants driving mode which is also pretty sick there’s going to be many quality of life changes with Google assistant as well so there you have it these are the top five upcoming google pixel for family features if you’re looking for the most cutting-edge technology phone or the most pretty fun when it comes to design then this is not going to be the phone for you in my opinion the Galaxy Note n plus is the most premium phone that I have ever used this year we also have the humble Simon Pro but if you are someone who’s looking forward to an extremely amazing camera setup then wait for the pixel for family cuz Google always always delivers when it comes to camera and this year it’s going to be some serious gains anyways let me know your thoughts in the comment section below regarding the pixel for family are you guys excited and why not subscribe to the channel for future tech videos and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out

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