How to Completely Fix Lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy 2019 PUBG Updated

In this video I’ll show you guys on how you can completely fix the lag while playing PUBG Mobile on PC using Tencent Gaming Buddy. This is the new updated method to fix the LAG in 2019 for low to mid end PC’s and Laptops. With this method your FPS will drastically improve and you’ll be able to play this game lot smoothly with consistent frame rate.ok so let me begin by describing you what this video

is all about so you love to play pubs eMobile on your PC using the 10 cent gaming buddy emulator but since you don’t have a powerful GPU or no GPU at all the game lacks a lot on your system so in order to solve the problem you said all the graphics to the lower settings possible hoping that it would help you improve the performance but still it didn’t help now if you can relate to all of that then you should definitely watch this video till the end because in this video I’ll be guiding you on how you can get consistent frame rates with almost no lag even when you play in higher graphics settings on your low or mid end system so let’s get rid of this problem once and for all so hey guys welcome to my youtube channel texture 1504 my name is it self and without wasting any further time let’s start this video [Music] now I’m about to show you what is responsible for the lag in this game so as you can see that I’m in the game and the gameplay is not so smooth even when I set the graphics to the lowest settings possible now I have a dedicated low and Nvidia graphics card which can run other games smoothly that are far more power hungry than this game so let me explain to you the reason for the slack so if I go to the search bar and then type DX D I AG while the game is running then you can see that under the paging file size the memory being used is far more than or close to the memory that is actually provided to it so basically what the game is asking for is more than what we are actually providing so in order to solve it what we need to do is increase the paging memory of our system so that it meets the requirements of the game so get ready and do everything exactly as I do and you can play pubs in a while on high settings with consistent frame rates by the way what I’m about to show you is completely safe and is not going to harm your system in any possible manner just follow the steps properly and you’re good to go so first right-click on this PC and hit properties here go to the advanced system settings under the performance tab click on settings now here go to advanced and then under the virtual memory you can see that the paging file size is even less than four gigabytes so we need to increase it so click on change here uncheck automatically manage paging file size for all drives so once you do that select a drive in which Windows is installed in my case and probably in yours it will be C Drive so click on it and down here click on custom size so the step that I’m about to tell you is very important so understand it carefully here you can see that I’ve got almost 41 gigabytes of free space in my C Drive so you need to check on how much free space you’ve got in yours and once you do that you need to set the paging file size to anywhere from 8 gigabytes to 16 gigabytes based on how much free space is in your drive now remember that the original paging file size was just about 3.5 gigabytes which was not enough now since I’ve got 41 gigabytes of free space it’s ok for me if I set it as 8 gigabytes or even 16 gigabytes so I’ll set it to 8 gigabytes which is equal to 8 thousand megabytes and then click on ok now don’t set it more than 16 gigabytes as you wouldn’t be needing that much memory so once you click on apply it will recommend you to restart your device so click on restart later because we are not done yet so now we just need to do one more thing before we are done so click on the windows button down here and then scroll down until you see the Windows Administrative Tools option so click on it and under that option click on local security policy so once you do that this thing should show up so what we’ll do here is give you the admin rights to apply the changes that we earlier made so for this you need to know the admin name of your system so in my case it’s Sudhir Kumar Sinha he’s my dad and it’s basically his laptop and hence its name so once you know the name head back to the local security policy settings that we opened and once we’re here click on local policy and then we’ll double click on user rights assignments then down here you’ll find locked pages in memory so just double click on it so that it opens up like this now here we need to give the admin the access to be capable of changing the paging file size and for that we click on add user or group and here we need to type the admins name the one I shall be early in my case it’s Sudhir Kumar Sinha so I’ll type it here now do not make any mistakes while typing the admins name so when stunned click on check names and then okay and then again ok and exit out of this thing now we are done so simply restart your system it may take a little longer than usual but don’t worry since it’s an indication that your system has adopted to the new settings so my devices we started now let me show you how much paging file size is it actually showing now so as you can see that the size is increased and the only thing that’s left for us to do now is to try the game now let me show you that the graphics are set to 1080p rather than the previous 720p resolution and even after that the gameplay is super smooth and there is no lag while being the game [Music] so this was it for today guys I really hope that this video was helpful to you and if it was do tell me in the comments section and if you’re facing any difficulties then also let me know and I’ll try my best to help you solve your problems

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