first look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro new design Quad Camera


what’s up guys and welcome to back-to-back Galaxy Note Dennis yesterday we had our first look at the Samsung Galaxy Note and a brand new design with the Infinity hold towards the middle and also vertical triple cameras towards the back and for the first and the last time Samsung will be saying goodbye do the good ol 3.5 millimeter headphone jack along with the surprise ditch of the big speak II which is much appreciated yesterday all nice came out with these brand new renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note and bro the pro model is going to be the largest Samsung flagship phone ever made with an ear 6.75 inch quad HD dynamic AMOLED display and it’s also the most futuristic Samsung phone ever made with the most amazing design guys I love the whole square shape of this phone and what I love even more is its symmetrical design the even out bezels a top bezel is the same as the bottom bezel the sides are curved of course the curve this time is more aggressive compared to the s10 plus curve so this basically gives you an even more bezel experience from the side of the phone and it also got that hole towards the middle and yes it is confirmed Samsung will not going to be using that double low hall or build shaped hole of the sm+ on any of the note model it’s gonna be the same front camera as the galaxy s 10 family it will take all this great photos Porter selfies everything with just one single hole towards the middle if you look to the left we have the volume rocker and the power key yes that’s actually a power key there’s no button on the right Samsung is actually combining the power and Bixby key so Bixby isn’t really dead it’s still there in the form of a power plus big speed combined button which you can see towards the left this is similar to what Apple does on Apple we have the power key that can be used to launch Siri if you hold it and if you tap it once it acts as a wake slash sleep button and if you want to turn the iPhone off you have to hold down the volume up as well as the power key at the same time so I think this is what Samsung is doing this button will still be used as Bigsby key if you continue to hold it down again we’ll see the exact implementation from Samsung and very soon but just overall look wise I think the note then was looking amazing now we take a look towards the back of the device we have a quad camera Center there’s three cameras on the side and vertical in addition similar to the galaxy note 10 and the galaxy a9 pro below the flash we have deuce sensors down below and of course they are the DOF sensor for measuring the depth it’s similar to the s 10 5g models so you can expect better buttery selfies from the note 10 Pro thanks to the added DOF sensor as for the triple camera said I’m just going to be similar to the s10 plus we have 12 megapixel primary lens along with build megapixel telephoto lens and a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens sadly Samsung will not gonna be using its tan X optical zoom that they have created so something like that can debuted on the s 11 they’re saving all the camera gains for the galaxy s 11 but still this camera is looking really really incredible 8 DOF Edition is pretty good and again if anyone is having doubts the headphone jack is definitely dead even the pro model is headphone jack free we had the dive C port we had a speaker as well as the s-pen area I am not disappointed at all because Samsung has kept the headphone jack for the longest and now it does make sense to finally move forward now they have introduced their own galaxy bud so this will make people to go for Bluetooth solutions out there such as galaxy buzz more people would get it as they work the best with Samsung phones similar to what Apple did back in 2016 that’s how the whole earbuds thing got started so this is something that Samsung is also doing now in 2019 they just kept the headphone jack for the longest time and I have the utmost respect for Samsung and you should respect their decision I mean some people are little bit salty but most people are ok in 2019 most people are actually using the Bluetooth accessories so I think that’s the right decision to do with that being said Samsung will still be keeping the headphone jack on their mid-range models so for the mid Rangers and the budget Samsung phones headphone jack is still a lie now interestingly both Galaxy Note 10 and note 10 pro will be having a eggsy nose 9 8 to 5 check according to the developer Mac’s twin back now the reason why we have Exynos 9 8 to 5 is because the Exynos 9 8 to 0 is not really in the level of snob regen 8:55 I mean it’s a pretty good shape but is built on eight and an ohmmeter process and the new Exodus nine to five is expected to be built on seven nanometer process so you can expect slightly better performance slightly better battery gains as far as the benchmark scores are concerned haven’t seen much difference I mean these scores are pretty similar to what the Alexis 10 plus normally achieves but the scores will improve with the final Galaxy Note 10 person these are probably the prototype scores at the point so you can expect improvement as the actual final product gets to the market as for US and China you’re gonna get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Galaxy Note denmark’s which is right now the best Android chin battery size for the note Emperor is said to be 4500 mAh and is said to also support 45 watts of fast charging along with ufs 3.0 story it is a speculation at this point that no 10 Pro might have a higher refresh rate it could have in 90 Hertz refresh rate there’s no confirmation about this anywhere it is purely a speculation at this point we’ll see more about that in comparison to the normal galaxy note then we have the difference of the size battery and an extra DOF sensor that Dino Dan Pro gets for better portrait images other than these differences the galaxy note then also have a slightly thicker top bezel compared to the galaxy note and pro other than that the differences are very minimal and a lot of people might actually go with the no tend to save money but for those who want the absolute beast I think the note 10 pro is a model to go with this whole square design it’s really good looking it really makes this Galaxy Note series stand out compared to the s10 models anyways let me know your thoughts in the comment section below what you think about the Galaxy Note Temper oh and which model are you going to get if you’re gonna upgrade so thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you guys in the next one peace out

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